Online Casino: 4 Easy Steps to Help You Join the Best NZ Gambling Site

We have set out a very easy to use guide so that you can learn about every key aspect of an online casino, should you be looking to join a website today and begin gambling.

Each week there seems to be another casino online, further adding to the choice and it’s always a case for most players to just lump for the first option they come across, or they justify the best online casino NZ has because they saw it advertised on the TV.

This is mainly why gamblers tend to miss out on all the good opportunities casinos can and do provide should they have spent a bit more time looking at the details and facts before they began to start registering with a potentially risky website.

We really want to make sure you get off to a clean and secure start, where users of a site are fully protected and get that extra bit of service as a customer. The Average gambler signs to three casinos in their first month of gambling, to then progress to over 7 sites during their time as a full gambler. We will make sure you get the best one first time!

Which online casino is the best one in New Zealand? Take your pick of these three, all equally unique:

1Spin Casino
2Royal Vegas
3All Slots

Welcome to Online Casino NZ, your resource guide that will help you land the best sites for Kiwi players

This is a very simple 4-step guide that will take you through the required insight to any online casino that is out there. The good things and the bad which need to be checked because ultimately you want to end up in a secure online casino that provides easy wins and quality service.

In this online casino guide, we will be looking at the 4 key points you need check your favourite NZ casino has. This begins firstly looking at the legal side of things to get started. We then move into the casino to discuss the games which are provided to the customers to see if they are of any worth. Service is highly important because this is the backbone to any operation, this can cover a host of things such as the customer support you receive to the ease of banking. We then round off our guide with a look at the popular topic of bonuses that are made available not only to new members to for existing customers inside the site. We end with our recommendations. Having tried for yourselves and tested the full range of options, we review what we consider to be the best there is for New Zealand players to join.

Each section will have its own unique hyperlinks which will expand on certain topic of the field, so they can take you to free games, reviews and strategies, so look out for them to learn more within.

First on the list of objectives is to find an online casino New Zealand has which is licensed and approved

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We begin with the legal side of the online casinos NZ has on offer. This is not just about having access to security but also operators that are regulated by governing standards. For New Zealand 99% of the casinos you have the choice of are overseas, so you need to know that they are licensed to provide a service and authority to offer their business of gambling to Kiwi players.

The licensed protocol happens across the board, it doesn’t matter if the site is William Hill or that of JackpotCity, licensed need to be in place and importantly, up to date. The registered sites you need to look for will be approved by the MGA CL which is Europe’s biggest license distributor from the small island of Malta. As an alternative you have the UK Gambling Commission which license a number of sites open to the NZ market and industry. By have a regulated outlet you then have a better and safer platform to win your online casino real money, where all areas are check for fairness and honesty.

To win your online casino real money NZ cash payouts, you need the finest games which are tested

When it comes to the games held in the NZ casinos online, it may seem that every casino is alike, and to a degree you would be right in this assumption. Every one of the optional New Zealand online casinos will be packed with slots, roulette and baccarat tables, huge jackpots from games like keno and bingo and the list will go on for what a player can experience. The key to the games is getting fair ones.

With the regulators keeping an eye on casinos, the sites are obligated to test their games to make sure everything is fair and honest, something a lot of websites out there do not do. From the reel games to scratch cards, faults must be eliminated and by cleaning games of bugs, this allows for more payouts and opportunity for a player to win.

This at least happens once a month and you will be able to tell because the menu will alter as games previously listed near the bottom suddenly become top of the pile, as they are reinstated into the system.

The service that comes from any NZ online casino has to be the best and this covers support through to banking

Services are key, this is very much the core of how the casino functions. The services can very and there have been great changes from the old to new online casino operators, maybe through a greater awareness, but the older casinos seem to still be stuck in history.

To make the best online casino, the service provided needs to provide a secure and safe framework so this comes down to using the right security software for the protection of users information and data which will also work in tandem with the sites privacy policy. The security is then working in conjunction with other facets of the website such as banking, so that your deposits and withdrawals are locked in with the use of approved banking partnerships and an airtight transaction process across all ranges of payment methods.

As for support you will want to have qualified and trained professional that can assist in times of urgency that can help with technical matters or in times of panic should you land $1million and not know what to do next. Having 24/7 support is common throughout all casinos, but this is a necessity just in case these two examples come into play.

Your chosen casino online should be one that will give you more than just a huge welcome bonus

As stated before, for many people picking an online casino NZ can offer comes down to the size of the welcome bonus that is offered to new players. Our advice is that this is not the best way to make a judgement call. If bonuses are the number one factor to a site you join, then you need to be looking at the casinos promotions page first.

The promo page will show you exactly what you get once you have registered. These are the offers presented to the current players and will be made available for yourself.

As a side to this, there are a number of online casino New Zealand operators which provide a loyalty bonus services, which is often referred to as the VIP program or lounge. This is another indication of a site which is going that bit further in the rewards section, as you will be given tailored offers for the games you play most regularly. What you will find is that the rewards you can claim from the promo page are far greater in value than a welcome bonus. Should the welcome bonus be important to you, then we recommend ‘no wager bonuses’, where you deal is totally free with no strings attached. This can come as a free cash sum or a number of free spins to play with.

We have listed the best online casino NZ operators and have reviewed the sites for you to help you decide

Now, we hope you are more aware of the bigger picture and how all these 4 points collude to providing easy ways to win your online casino real money NZ payouts.

Of the NZ online casino operators out there, we tested each one and formed our own recommendations to save you time. They are totally optional and you can use the advice to search for your own. The reviews state the exact details of what each site offers in terms of the four key areas. You will learn what kind of games they provide, what services they offer with staff and software and also the bonuses they give out to all members.

Enjoy and best of luck no matter where you end up playing.